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Revitalize your asphalt shingle roof with Roof Shield. Our exclusive treatment system cleans, restores, and eliminates the need for expensive replacements. Just one treatment and your roof will be like new!


Why is Roof Shield the best option?

Cost savings

Cost Effective

Roof Shield saves you thousands of dollars compared to traditional roof replacement solutions.



Roof Shield revitalizes asphalt shingles sustainably, utilizing eco-friendly, renewable resources.



Roof Shield offers a swift, mess-free application process, saving you from the chaos of a full roof replacement.


How does Roof Shield work?


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Initial Consultation

The first step involves a thorough evaluation of your roof's condition and a discussion about your specific requirements and objectives for your roof repair project. We will provide you an accurate project estimate and address any questions or concerns you may have. Understanding your project goals is very important to us, as it enables us to plan the treatment process with a clear understanding, ensuring we exceed your expectations and achieve your project goals.


Roof Preparation

Prior to applying the treatment, proper preparation of your roof is essential. This includes addressing any issues like damaged or missing shingles, thoroughly cleaning the roof's surface, and taking necessary precautions for a precise application of the treatment. A well-maintained and appropriately prepared roof is vital for ensuring an even and efficient application of the treatment, maximizing its effectiveness.


Roof Shield Application

Our team will administer the treatment using specialized equipment. The treatment is applied as a thin, uniform layer, ensuring comprehensive coverage over the each shingle. Adhering to the manufacturer's guidelines is vital, guaranteeing optimal effectiveness and protection. Our restoration professionals have undergone rigorous training in the application technique to ensure the treatment is applied correctly and provides the best possible results.



Once the treatment is complete, our team will clear away any debris, leaving your property clean and orderly. We take pride in leaving your home in the same pristine condition as when we first arrived. Your satisfaction with the treatment results and the optimal performance of your roof are of utmost importance to us. Should you have any questions or concerns, please rest assured that we are available to provide prompt answers and address any issues that may arise.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Roof Shield's treatment restore my roof?
Over time, shingles can become dry, brittle, and lose their protective granules, leading to permeability issues. That's why we've developed our innovative 'Clean-Restore-Protect' program, specifically designed for roof restoration. Our process begins with a thorough inspection, repair, and cleaning of your roof. We address common leak points such as failing pipe boots, exposed nail heads, and flashing issues to ensure a sturdy foundation. Next, we perform a gentle yet effective soft wash to eliminate unsightly organic matter that contributes to shingle deterioration.Finally, we apply our remarkable Roof Reboot rejuvenator. This powerful solution revitalizes your asphalt shingles, restoring them to their original performance and color. The rejuvenator penetrates the shingles, replenishing the lost chemicals and enhancing flexibility, halting granule loss, and preventing vapor transmission.
What is Roof Reboot?
Roof Reboot, exclusively owned and manufactured by Roof Shield LLC, is the go-to product for asphalt shingle rejuvenation.By penetrating aging asphalt shingles, Roof Reboot works wonders by:

Restoring Flexibility: As shingles age, they often become brittle, dry, and prone to breakage. Roof Reboot rejuvenates them, restoring their flexibility to a like-new condition.
Preventing Granule Loss: Over time, aging shingles tend to shed their protective granules, leaving them too thin to effectively safeguard your home. Roof Reboot puts a stop to granule loss, preserving the integrity of your shingles.
Restoring Vapor Resistance: Aging shingles can develop permeability issues, allowing water transmission that leads to decking rot. Roof
Reboot resolves this problem by restoring the shingles' vapor resistance, effectively preventing further damage.
Enhancing Curb Appeal: In addition to its functional benefits, Roof Reboot also works wonders on the aesthetics of your roof. It enhances the color of the shingles, bringing back their original vibrancy and restoring the overall curb appeal of your home.
Does Roof Shield work for all roofs?
While our proprietary process is primarily designed for asphalt roofs, it may also offer suitable restoration options for other roof types. To determine if our treatment is the right choice for your specific roof, we highly recommend consulting with our team of professionals. Numerous factors influence how a roof ages, and in general, we recommend the Roof Shield process for roof systems that are over a year old and not currently experiencing significant issues. Our satisfied Roof Shield clients typically have roofs ranging from 5 to 20 years old, depending on the shingle type and environmental conditions. If your roof exhibits black streaks caused by Gloecapsa Magma, a destructive bacterium that damages shingles, Roof Shield is an excellent solution. Our process effectively addresses this issue, making roofs with such streaking ideal candidates for restoration.
Will restoring my roof affect my roof's warranty?
No, Roof Shield specializes in optimizing the performance of your roof, significantly reducing the risk of future failures. Our comprehensive restoration process ensures that your roof system operates at its best. When it comes to cleaning your roof, we adhere to the highest standards. Our gentle yet effective soft wash cleaning step follows the manufacturer-approved guidelines set by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer Association (ARMA). These guidelines are widely accepted throughout the industry, guaranteeing a thorough and safe cleaning process for your roof.
How long does Roof Shield protect my roof?
We offer a 5-year transferable warranty with each Roof Shield application. The warranty certifies that the roof’s performance will remain improved for the next five years.
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